Dr. Christopher Shade

CEO & Founder

Dr. Shade obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in environmental metals chemistry. He’s the CEO & Founder of Quicksilver Scientific and launched THR Technologies in 2016 to serve the cannabis industry with products and licensing opportunities using his cutting edge liposomal delivery technology. Dr. Shade is an internationally recognized lecturer on detoxification and heavy metals testing, and he designed a breakthrough system of products for detoxification that repairs and then maximizes the natural detoxification system. His liposomal supplements bring the power of intravenous therapy to oral delivery, dramatically increasing absorption and effectiveness.


Andrew Elias

Director of Business Development

Andy loves taking nutritional supplements. He loves helping to develop nutritional supplements. And he really loves turning people on to cutting-edge nutritional supplements. Educated at Villanova and Cornell Universities, Andy is on a mission to usher the world to The Future of Cannabis.



Arlo Abrams

Technical Support

Arlo studied culinary technology at AB Tech Community College in North Carolina and worked successfully as a sous chef. He’s a cannabis researcher and grower and specializes in production, formulations, and laboratory research and development. He’s also a self-proclaimed “wrench junkie,” who enjoys fixing problems and working on his own cars.